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Web Designing

Our Offerings

  • Consultancy Services

    We work on every possibility to get the work done to make your business grow. We use cutting edge technology and adapt ourselves with the latest technology. We work as consultant and provide solution to our customer needs.
  • Creative Services

    Our team comprised of passionate, focused and intense employees who bring creativity in their work and develop application in a unique way.
  • Technical Services

    We are one of the emerging software companies in India. We always focused on making our client happy and satisfied with our work. Our solution on technical aspects helps a client business to grow to its excellence.
  • Internet Promotion

    In today’s scenario, it’s not only to have a website built, but also needs the web presence to be felt. It has to be on the top of the search engine. We help your website getting a top rank on all top search engines.

Responsive Website Design and Graphic Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) services is a device-independent user interface or UI design philosophy aiming at developing and delivering an optimized experience of website on devices having different resolutions and different widths- smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC etc. Through the use of this technology website style sheets are coded by web designers in such a way that its layout adjusts itself magically to fit the browser width more comfortably in which it is going to be viewed. Over past few years responsive web design has developed to become one device agnostic approach to deliver content to the users.

Infosolz offers responsive website design and graphic design services with the integration of experience with latest tools and technologies to support our esteemed clients’ online business presence.

Our team comprises of designers, developers who offer the best portal building for static as well as dynamic websites, E-Commerce and CMS based websites and many more. We have a huge expertise in building sites for our customers from diverse industry fields across the globe. We have successfully made the websites for our clients to make them as the front runner in their respective industries.

The way Infosolz offers responsive website design services

Responsive site design responds to user requirement by means of change of the website layout in accordance with the device used. There is change in the layout according to the size and capabilities of the device. For instance, the content would be shown by a phone in one single column view whereas the same content in 2 columns might be shown by a tablet.

Responsive website design services can dynamically change a website’s appearance depending upon the used device’s screen size. Breakpoints are used by the technology for determining how the website’s layout would appear: one design is used on top of the breakpoint and another at the bottom of the breakpoint. Generally breakpoints are based on the browser’s width.

All devices are served by the same HTML with the use of CSS which decides the web page’s layout to change the page appearance. Instead of building up comparable code base and separate websites for tablets, phones, desktops, laptops and big-screen monitors, the users are supported by a single code base with various viewports. As the viewport grows or shrinks, the page elements are reshuffled in responsive design. A three-column design of a desktop might change to two-column in case of a tablet and the same may be changed to one single column for a smartphone. In this regard we rely upon grids that are proportion based for rearranging the design elements and the content.

A Glimpse of Responsive Website Design Services offered by Infosolz

  • Customization
  • Corporate Website Designing
  • Ecommerce Website Designing
  • Static Website Designing
  • Dynamic Website Designing
  • Web 2.0 Based Designs
  • Website Re-Designing
  • Enterprise Website Design
  • Website Designing Maintenance and Support
  • Always at par with the latest technology know-how
  • Designing responsive website layouts
  • Developing unique slide shows or presentations and integration of social networking
  • Building mobile friendly systems with advanced location integration
  • Creating database driven web applications
  • Designing unique artworks and graphics
  • Designing personalized website features

Graphic design for responsive website design at Infosolz

If your images require featuring some level of interactivity like animation, other clickable areas or links then a number of options are available there at Infosolz.


Apart from the addition of programmatic graphical effects to the links and somewhere else you may want them, CSS3 allows you also to write transitions and declarative animations.


JavaScript has functions enabling developers in creating animations and any other kind of interactivity you want.


Just like HTML / CSS, it is possible to manipulate SVG through JavaScript. So it is not difficult to add interactivity.

WebGL / Canvas

A canvas might be created by you for drawing interactive graphics by the use of HTML (canvas) element. Then you can use the Canvas API for doing compositing operations, creating text, importing image files, creating lines, shapes and much more. 3D imagery can be created by utilizing the more nascent WebGL API. Canvas is very powerful.

Salient Features of Infosolz Process

  • Understand Requirements
  • identify the goals and objectives
  • developing information architecture design model
  • Interactive Design with detailed specifications to ensure marketing outcome.
  • Development and Testing to identify structural, functional and visual elements.
  • Portal Deployment along with monitoring and review.
  • Responsive website design services are necessary for the growth of business as these repeatedly makes users get back to a website. With the launch of this service we have expanded our reach globally to millions of brands. Responsive site design is the future. Through the use of it the web is moving towards a web development approach that is standard-driven. Thus by embracing responsive web design we have developed a futuristic vision.


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