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School ERP

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School ERP

This project is developing for automates school management system. In the system one type applications are developed, Web based. The application takes most of the activities such as offline student registering, transcript and report card generation and producing the timetable, facilitates attendance recording by the classroom teachers, to view status of students by their parents and to view reports by the administrator.

School Management System (SMS) consists of tasks such as registering students, attendance record keeping controlling absentees, producing report cards, producing official transcript, preparing timetable and producing different reports for teachers, parents, officials from the school and other stakeholders. Automation is the utilization of technology to replace human with a machine that can perform more quickly and more continuously

Specific Objectives:

In order to attain the following list of specific objectives is set:

  • To develop an registration system
  • To facilitate attendance record keeping
  • To facilitate various report generation
  • To allow teachers, parents, Librarian, school Officials and Administrator
  • To produce a timetable
  • To produce Report Card
  • To facilitate library management
  • To managing Subject and teacher relation
  • To managing class and section relation
  • To managing leave, attendance and salary to the staff.

Problem facing for the manual Job :

  • The time tabling problem
  • Report Generation Problem
  • Library Books Management
  • Fine calculation for late submitting the books
  • Staff Leave calculation and attendance management
  • Report of students

Main Module In School ERP Solutions are:

  • Admission & Fees management Module
  • Library Management Module
  • HRMS
  • Class & Section Management
  • Subject Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Examination Module
  • Notice Management
  • syllabus and lesson plan
  • Student & Parents
  • Teacher Module
  • Programme Calendar
  • Internal Message System
  • Role Management
  • Reports


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