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School Routine Software

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School Routine Software

Base of anything has a resemblance with the term Technology. In schools/colleges technology is being played a pivotal role nowadays. Infosolz has built a routine software through which any school/College can maintain their daily activities viz. class work/session time/practical class/examination schedule/other various activities.

Salient Features Of School Routine Software Project

School Routine Software Basic Requirements and features:

  • Basic Data/Information of School will be collected. Here the basic data is some important information which will clearly identify a school and differentiate with other types of school. i.e Primary school , High School, morning session school, day session school
  • Syllabus will be tracked according to the Subjects [Syllabus updated status report
  • Synchronization/Mapping of classes with Subjects and synchronization of subjects with teachers.
  • Time Scheduling of part-time teachers, and Permanent Teachers.
  • Subject assignment with time and day basis with different section and classes in the School in any time of that education year.
  • Routine Export and print out Will be available there.
  • Holiday List will be there and it should be consider during routine preparation.
  • Extra Classes will be recorded in the system so that in future it can be measured as parameters of teacher performance.
  • Home Work and Class Work will be generated. – Not mandatory. Have to be discussed first before implement it.
  • Routine will be Shuffled or Altered with Another Subject or Another Teacher basis according to the daily requirements.
  • There will be a time limitation for completion of the syllabus for any Teacher. That means Teacher can view the total period he/she has to take per year for each subjects and in the teacher section there should be some UI form which will updates those relevant status.
  • There will be two sections e.g. - Teacher/Lecturer section & Administrative Section

General Teachers/Lecturer Section:

  • Teachers daily attendance sheet for time in and out [UI screen]
  • Teacher’s daily update into the system regarding class he/she has taken.
  • Report on extra class he/she has taken
  • There may be an option to upload weekly / monthly teacher class report in an excel format through which they can upload their work status. (Will be customised as per the respective school/College)
  • Teachers general report section , through this section system will display different reports related to teacher attendance/extra classes/ participation of extra events they attended [depends on school management confirmation. ]

Administrative Section:

  • Admin Login
  • Admin change password / Admin profile change.
  • There is Some Master Entry will be there which is very much responsible to run the system.
  • These are as follows:

    • Add Teacher.
    • Add Class Details.
    • Add Section according to class wise.
    • Add Subjects.
    • Add Syllabus details according to subject wise.
    • Add Holidays List
    • Add Total day of week
    • Add the time and Total periods which is going on in any school as a basic data of any school.
  • Manage Teacher Account privileges [Setting tools for Active/ Inactive / Logical delete of Teachers Login and accessibility status. All there privileges have been controlled from the admin section. ]
  • Create general activity of a school [Assembly, Register, Breaks, Meetings, sports, cultural program]
  • Place General Activities on school time scheduling.
  • Set up of class and section in daily allotment of per teacher in per class.

Admin Report Section [Minimum]:

  • Admin view daily Routine Sheet for every teacher Day to day wise.
  • Admin will view every teachers performance report on the basis of
    1. Syllabus he/she had completed.
    2. No of extra period teacher had taken
    3. Teachers daily attendance
    4. Other parameters which will depends on different
  • Database backup and restore option through the system interface UI.


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