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Smart School Solution

6+ years of experience, lots of satisfied Clients since 2010

Smart Solutions to Manage Educational Institutes

The possible solutions we have in our hand and which we can provide to run and manage an Educational Institute / chain of Educational Institute / College.

INFOSOLZ always believes in Quality Education. A Quality Education starts with good practice in regular basis with the help of proper system to manage it. INFOSOLZ provides the below quality services and solutions to enhance the quality of education provided by your institute.

GPS System for School Bus tracking:

  • Guardians will be stay worry free.
  • The parents need to download the mobile-app from the app-stores.
  • The app will have common user-name and password for all the users.
  • After login to the app the user will be able to see the vehicle (school bus) number.
  • Click on the vehicle (school bus) number, the user will be able to see the current location of that school bus at the Map.
  • Easy to install and use.

Complete Mobile Application:

  • PUSH Notification for –
    • Student’s absent
    • Fees defaulter
    • Notice
    • Results
  • Student details
  • School details
  • Academics
  • Library
  • Gallery
  • Yearly calendar
  • List of Staffs
  • Messenger for Guardian and School’s Administrative Official / Principal

Complete School ERP:

  • Academics.
    • Subjects.
    • Courses.
    • Syllabus.
  • Communication with Parents.
  • Generate Report Cards.
  • Human Resource Management.
    • Teacher’s Profile Management.
    • Institute Staff’s profile Management.
    • Payroll Management.
  • Accounts Management
    • Salary Management.
    • Fees Management.
    • Purchase of Goods Management.
  • Institutes Transport Management.
  • Instant Report generation for any system.

SMS Notification System:

  • Students in and out SMS to the guardian’s mobile no.
  • Student’s absent notification SMS
  • For any events / notice send bulk SMS to the guardians.

School website with Social Media Pages:

  • Fully Responsive website (Mobile/Tab friendly).
  • Totally managed from the back-end’s admin if want.
  • Image gallery, Video Gallery.
  • Event Calendar.
  • Social Media Pages linked with.


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St. Augustine's Day School (Barrakpore and ShyamNagar)


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