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Primary Agricultural Co-Operative Society (PACS)

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Primary Agricultural Co-Operative Society (PACS)

PACS or Primary Agricultural Credit Society formation was aimed primarily for sanctioning loan at macro level to promote various farming activities comprising local ancillaries as well to generate jobs in the village. Various state governments and central government jointly extended their support to these societies which drive the agricultural movement across India.

Our understanding of the scope is to develop a system software application covering the features as mentioned below and implement the same with proper training and guidance.

Features: (Summary)
  • To maintain the membership details
  • To maintain the loan criteria and the loan details from loan application, loan approval, and loan disbursement
  • To manage the loan repayment and the receipt
  • Ledgers managing loan / share / thrift fund / guarantee fund
  • Periodic statement of the members
  • To maintain the ledger and its related details
  • To manage voucher related to (receipt / payment / contra / journal)
  • To maintain the cash & bank book
  • To manage the general ledger
  • To manage the day book
  • To manage the Bank Reconciliation
  • To generate the Trial Balance
  • To generate the Profit & Loss Account
  • To generate the Profit & Loss Appropriation Account
  • To generate the Balance Sheet
  • To execute the Fiscal Year End Closure

Infosolz’s Proposed Solution

Functional Part:

The software application will have the following feature modules:

a. Master Entry:
  • Co-operative Master
  • General Member Application
  • Loan Master
  • Bank Master
  • Security Master
  • Member Opening Balance
  • Interest Chart for Savings Schemes
b. Loan:
  • Loan Type Master
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Approve & Disbursement
  • Loan Payment Receive
  • Loan Recovery
  • Full Loan Recovery
  • EMI Reschedule
  • NPA Register
  • Report (Detail List, Monthly Due List, Loan Details Report)
c. Kisan Credit Card (KCC):
  • Agriculture Type Master
  • Crop Master
  • Member’s KCC Master
  • KCC Loan Application
  • KCC Loan Details
  • KCC Loan recovery
  • Rebate Disbursement Entry
  • KCC Loan Ledger
d. Self-Help Group (SHG):
  • SHG Creation
  • SHG Installment
  • SHG Loan Application
  • SHG Loan recovery
  • SHG Ledger
e. Ledger:
  • Personal Ledger
f. Savings:
  • Savings Panel
  • Ledgers (Savings, RD, FD, TD, MIS, Daily Report, Maturity Deposit, Denomination Ledger)
  • Cheque Submit to Bank
  • Cheque Cleared by Bank
  • Savings Interest Calculation
g. Investment:
  • Deposit Register
  • Deposit Ledger
h. Borrowing:
  • Borrowing Master
  • Borrowing Repay
  • Borrowing Register
i. Inventory: (Wholesale & Retail)
  • Supplier Master
  • Product Category Master
  • Product Master
  • Product Price Master
  • Unit Master
  • Product Opening Entry
  • Purchase Entry
  • Purchase Payment
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase Report
  • Product Sale
  • Credit Sale Payment
  • Sales Report
  • Stock Report
j. Settlement:
  • Member Settlement
  • Settlement Register
k. Accounts Information:
  • Group Head Creation
  • Ledger Head Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Voucher Print
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Profit & Loss Appropriation Account
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Daily Cash Book
  • Cash deposit to Bank
  • Cash withdrawal from Bank
  • Dividend Calculation
l. Tools:
  • Change Password
  • Back Up & Restore
  • Add Financial Year
  • Add user with privilege
  • SHG Loan Opening Entry
  • KCC Loan Opening
  • Term Loan Opening


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