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Freighter Forwarder system

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Freighter Forwarder system

We are living in a cutting edge time, where we have no spare time. We are so busy now. In other words we can say there has been a radical change in our lifestyle over the years. In this age of E-commerce people usually do shop over the net and freighter forwarders plays a pivotal role by delivering these at the right places within stipulated time frame.

A freighter forwarder generally provides the following services as mentioned:
  • Guiding on various charges like freight costs, insurance costs etc.
  • Making exact bill and other credentials
  • Advising on the best mode of transportation along with arrangements.
  • Necessary reservation for the cargo space on the desired transportation mode
  • Making arrangements with overseas brokers for streamlining the delivery process.

We at Infosolz make these tasks easy for you by building softwares.

Salient Features Of Our Development includes:
  • Accurate Data transmission from Exporter to Forwarder
  • Minimization of Error/Miscommunication between Exporter and forwarder
  • All contracted services have been complied by the forwarder
  • Verification and Updation of goods status from time to time
  • Granting different level of access to 3rd Party depending on their provided service
  • Repackaging may be done as per the consignor’s wish
  • If any overflow occurs it will be handled automatically


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