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Android Application

Our Offerings

  • Consultancy Services

    We work on every possibility to get the work done to make your business grow. We use cutting edge technology and adapt ourselves with the latest technology. We work as consultant and provide solution to our customer needs.
  • Creative Services

    Our team comprised of passionate, focused and intense employees who bring creativity in their work and develop application in a unique way.
  • Technical Services

    We are one of the emerging software companies in India. We always focused on making our client happy and satisfied with our work. Our solution on technical aspects helps a client business to grow to its excellence.
  • Internet Promotion

    In today’s scenario, it’s not only to have a website built, but also needs the web presence to be felt. It has to be on the top of the search engine. We help your website getting a top rank on all top search engines.

Android Application Development

Android is the most widely used mobile OS which is developed by Google. It is aimed primarily for touchscreen mobile like smartphones/tablets. Google play is the core marketplace for selling and distributing android apps. As android is open source it will incorporate all the state of the arts technology into its bouquet.

Android is the fastest growing system of operation of smart phone devices. It has become popular with each of its updates. Its flexibility and versatile, user friendly applications has helped it to become more favourite. The expert team of Infosolz with updated knowledge of most recent android release does the invention of profitable android apps. We offer professional services of android app development. Deep research is performed by our professional teams.

We offer a wide range of mobile app development services that includes android app development. The Android apps have been built from the ground up to taking advantage of the characteristics and functionality making this the fastest growing mobile platform of this world and those qualities are leveraged by each app to the utmost. Coming to the development of Android app, it is believed by us that the key is full customization. It is not the exception.

About our Android apps development team

In this respect our team spirit is very important. We have a large team comprising of Android app developers having expertise, initiative, creativity and skills essential not only for building up a great app but also to create one that is fully functional, reliable and is customized to the business brand of yours as well as your target audience.

The reason behind considering an Android app

We believe in leveraging every app store fully but at the same time the aim is to make the most of the different systems of operation out there. Android differs from iOS. The Android app designers of our company have the experience and skills necessary for capitalizing on that difference. It is ensured by the services of Android app development that there is the optimization of your app for feel, look, performance and speed on devices running various Android flavours- from KitKat to Sandwich, ice-cream. DNA of the platform is infused into the app of yours. It is more than building Android skeleton. Your app is designed by our Android app developers keeping in mind the core capabilities and qualities of Android. The result is a streamlined, seamless app designed for providing power, performance and offering a high quality of user experience.

Besides web development, Infosolz works wonders in the arena of mobile apps development.

Custom Android Apps Development Solutions:

  • Business Applications
  • Communication Applications
  • News and Magazines Applications
  • Shopping Applications
  • Personalization Applications
  • Productivity Applications
  • Web-Based Application Development
  • Location-based Application
  • Entertainment Application
  • Utility Application
  • Widgets
  • Portability Of Existing Apps To Android Platform
  • Android Application Testing Services
  • Integration of Android Applications
  • Android Business Apps Development
  • Maintenance And Upgrade Services For Android Application Solutions

Special features of us

Industry best pricing is offered by us which is undoubtedly a primary advantage. This ensures that even midsized and small companies can avail the facilities of solutions of Android app development without bank breaking. Our robust team is one more advantage of our company. This ensures that we can provide in-house solutions all through each step of the process of app development- from concept to design to testing of the bug to the final polishing.

Another great merit of our leading Android app development company is our experience. We are out there in this field for quite a number of years. We on an average have developed 250 apps till date on both Android as well as iOS. It is ensured by our expertise and experience that you have the smoothest possible process and that your project does not face complications and hurdles.


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